Why do I need a CSCS  Card?

CSCS Cards on most construction sites are mandatory. NO CSCS CARD, NO JOB is the norm rather than the exception. So if you earn a living in construction then you need to get a CSCS Card.

The Card shows what qualifications you hold and that you have passed the CSCS Health, safety and environment test. Cards are colour graded, the CSCS Card you can apply for depends on the work you do, your training, experience and qualifications.

80% of UK Construction sites now require all workers to have a CSCS Card.

    How do I get a CSCS Card?

Firstly decide which CSCS Card you are qualified to apply for. Use the guide to the right to help.

If you are applying for a NEW CSCS Card then for all but the Green Operative CSCS Card and the Visitors CSCS Card you will need to submit copies of your qualifications with your CSCS Card Application in order to get your CSCS Card. Since 1996 in most cases this means a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). There are a small number of occupations where you may be able to get your CSCS Card by submission of full apprenticeship papers only but not many.

Having decided on your CSCS Card and checking that you have the correct qualifications you need to Book and take the CSCS  Health & Safety Test.

Our online booking system will help you select the right CSCS Test to book and allow you to book your CSCS Test at a location, date and time you want in just 3-minutes! Just click the BUY THIS DEAL button to start.  

Once you have passed your CSCS Test you can then apply for your CSCS Card.

Our CSCS Card Application Software 
Our software guides you step by step through the process of completing your CSCS Card Application Form it automates most of the form for you.

It is worth knowing that 30% of all CSCS Card Application forms are completed incorrectly causing the forms to be rejected and meaning further delays in getting a CSCS Card.

If the form is completed correctly with all the correct documents and photographs attached then your CSCS Card Application will be processed and you should receive your CSCS Card in 10 Working Days.

Your CSCS Card is valid for 5 years in most instances.




Buy your CSCS Card from us and get:- 

 1- Your CSCS Card in 10 Days rather than the normal 4-6 weeks
 2 - Software so you can complete your Card Application online

Red CSCS CardRed CSCS Card - £54.99This Trainee card is valid for three years there are 4 types of Trainee CSCS Card. Graduate, Trainee, Experienced Worker & Experienced Technician, Supervisor or Manager. To get a Trainee CSCS Card you need to be in further education on a construction related course.

Green CSCS CardGreen CSCS Card - £54.99This CSCS Card can be applied for by people with non-specific skills such as labourers. The applicant must pass a Health and Safety test.

Blue CSCS CardBlue CSCS Card - £54.99This is the Skill Card and is suitable for the majority of tradespersons i.e. Bricklayer, Plasterer, Carpenter, Painter & Decorator etc. It requires that the person pass the Construction Skills Health & Safety Test and hold a NVQ level 2 qualification.

Gold CSCS CardGold CSCS Card - £54.99This kind of CSCS Card can be either got for a skilled worker - Advanced Craft or supervisor. In order to go ahead and apply for this CSCS Card one should have an NVQ or SVQ of level 3.

Black CSCS CardBlack CSCS Card - £54.99The Black CSCS Card is for managers. This CSCS Card requires an NVQ/SVQ of Level 6 or above and the successful completion of a Managerial and Professional Health and Safety test.

Yellow CSCS Card - £54.99This CSCS Card is for people who visit the site but are not residents of it. This could include consultants, architects or surveyors and engineers, drivers etc.

Scaffolders Labourers CSCS Card - £54.99This CSCS Card is for people who wish to get the scaffolders labourers card. You will need to complete the specialist working at heights CSCS Test to get this card.

CPCS CSCS Card - £54.99This CSCS Card is for people who drive plant machinery.